Welcome to the May Court Club of Ottawa

Founded in 1898 by Lady Aberdeen, the wife of the Governor General, the May Court Club has been providing volunteer services and financial assistance for 117 years to help those in need in the Ottawa community.

We are a vibrant group of women who, over the years, have donated thousands of volunteer hours and millions of dollars to help those in need in our community.  We operate under the direction of a Board of Directors elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting.

Please check :

  • our About Us for a glimpse of some of the highlights of our projects and initiatives;
  • our Community Projects to find out where our present service efforts are directed;
  • our Scholarship pages to apply for one of our three post-graduate scholarships;
  • our Grants for a list of the charities that we have recently supported and for a grants application form;
  • our Member Activities where you will see that it is not all work and no play;
  • our Contact Us page if you would like to be in touch with us.

Today the May Court Club of Ottawa is one of nine May Court Clubs that comprise the Association of May Court Clubs of Canada.  Until 1934 the Ottawa Club was the only one of its kind but that year it was joined by like-minded organisations in Windsor and London and together they formed the Affiliation of May Court Clubs.  Over the next thirty years other May Court Clubs joined the Affiliation and in 1965, after revision of its constitution and by-laws, the organisation was incorporated as the Association of May Court Clubs of Canada.

For more information about the Association and links to the other Clubs, please visit the Association web site at www.maycourtclubs.org