Financial Support to the Community

Our aim is to provide assistance to smaller organizations in the local community who may not have access to professional fundraising resources.

Grants are awarded from funds accumulated through fundraising projects such as special events and from the Club’s endowment and investment income. Applications are reviewed twice each year and must be received no later than 3 pm on the deadline dates of March 15th and September 15th.

For a copy of the application form click here.


Community Laundry Co-operative to purchase laundry supplies for a self-service laundry facility which annually provides over 4000 loads of laundry to low income and unemployed residents in the Vanier area of Ottawa. More than 280 families benefit from this program.

The Door Youth Centre for the Resource Room Renovation, which would include new shelving, and painting to make it more organized and hospitable to the youth they serve from the city of Ottawa.

The Tamir Foundation for their Smart Learning Project, to test the use of Smartboard technology to see how it will enhance the learning and socializing of the Adults with Developmental Disabilities whom they have been serving for over 30 years.   They have 6 group homes and Single Independent Living units.

The Stroke Survivors Association of Ottawa toward a continuing project call Peer2Peer Visitation Acute Care and Community/Monthly Support Meeting. Specifically, support is being given to provide lunch at the monthly support meetings scheduled monthly for 10 months of the year.

To view the list of organizations that received grants in 2015, click here.